puppySup. I’m Puppy.

My full name is Puppytown Dogcity Show. My adoptive parents may or may not have been under the influence of something awesome when that happened. They mean well, so I guess it’s cool.

Anyway, I’m a cat. You can say my story is a rags-to-riches type thing. I spent the first six-ish years of my life mostly living in a hot garage, eating dry kibble or licking cans of tuna, and having some annoying dermatitis (that’s itchy scaly skin crap for those who don’t know). Not gonna lie, all of the above took away from my sexy.

By July 2015, I was in the worst shape I’ve ever been. I was infested with fleas and my teeth were pretty rough. I was mangy with social anxiety. I was skinny (always been a hard-gainer) and had bald patches because my legs, tail, face, and neck were so damn itchy. I think there was talk about sending me over to a foster home because I was looking so rough. Wait, that’s what the Humane Society is, right? A foster home?

Puppy befores

Anyway, my parents took me in so I didn’t have to struggle in the slums or be sent to some foster home. They say I’m in my fur-ever home and it’s like I’m a “new cat”, but it’s like, guys. First of all, I think it’s spelled forever. And secondly, let’s not forget I’ve always been this awesome. I’m Puppy.

I do have an agent now as anyone who found me on Instagram is well aware of. If you’ve been around since day one, you can probably tell that my agent and I have a… rocky… relationship. She pretty much gets fired every other day. But, you know, she may have been right about that whole Instagram thing. I do get to tell it how it really is and a lot of people seem to relate. I mean, I don’t just fits when I sits or freaking sleep all day. But I am all about the catnip. Am I right?

These days, auditions and modeling have taken a backseat to my passion project – being curator and fur-shion designer of my own clothing and accessories line, which launched in the summer of 2016.  Yeah, I’m basically a Renaissance Cat. Plus, I needed to branch away from the claws of my crapshoot agent. No idea what that woman is good for.

I’m also a giver and want to help my fellow cat-padres who may be still be kickin’ it in the slums. This is why I donate a percentage of the proceeds from my shop sales to animal and rescue non-profit organizations. Yeah, I got a soft spot. I mean besides my entire, meticulously groomed bodice.

Basically, I’m awesome. And you’re cool for being here.


Disclaimer: You will be like 98640273401 times cooler once you join the #puppycatshow crew with some straight up sex appeal.



DISCLAIMER & LIABILITY RELEASE:  By utilizing advice given on this website and in videos on Cat Lady Fitness YouTube Channel, you acknowledge that the curator of & is not a licensed veterinarian or vet tech – but a cat owner, animal lover, and independent researcher in regards to the cat nutrition, care, and health information (and hereby release any liability from the curator and these venues). If you are seeking proper medical advice for your furry babies, always be sure to consult with your personal vet first 🙂
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